Teton Teams Up With Fishman Electronics

We are very excited to let everyone know about our relationship with Fishman Electronics. We have always used Fishman preamps and pickups in our acoustic guitars. So, why are we so excited about letting you know now? Well, if you look over at the sidebar, you will see a Fishman preamp and on that preamp you will see two names: Fishman and Teton! When we first started this was not an option because we were not producing enough guitars and Fishman was not able to put our names on just a couple dozen preamps. Now, things are much different. We are selling lots of acoustic electric models and they all feature Fishman electronics. With the volume we were moving it allowed Fishman to add our name to pickups made just for us. The other exciting thing about the progression of this relationship is the new preamp and pickup options that are now available to us. A few weeks ago Fishman sent us some new preamps to test out in some guitars. We found some of these preamps were just what we were looking for when matched with a couple of our models. I am not going to spoil any surprises, so you’ll just have to wait until summer and then we should have some new models available with Fishman products that have, up to this point, not been available on a Teton guitar. Very exciting times for us and for you. The whole point of Teton Guitars is to provide the best instruments at affordable prices that allow musicians to create music and art.

— Ben

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