Teton Guitars are known for their natural finishes, quality, and versatility.  These characteristics are best shown in our Exotic Series. The Exotic Series was built to support musicians on the next step of their musical journey. Each hand-built guitar in the series is unique in tone and appearance just like the musicians they are built for. Artists that take home a guitar from the Exotic Series find a stronger connection with their instrument as it becomes an extension of them.


Teton Guitars is proud to partner with an extensive retail network across the United States. We still believe the best way to find your guitar is to play it in person at your local retailer; there they can give additional resources to make sure you find the perfect fit. Go play one today!


180 Ebony Series



Zaza’s path in music started in early 2006 while playing upright bass in her junior high orchestra in Las Vegas, NV. She begged her mother for an upright bass, and was told, “you cannot have one until you show me you’re serious about music.” Soon after, she auditioned for the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts and was accepted into their orchestra program almost immediately. Zaza’s greatest inspirations are the powerful people surrounding her in life, who’ve pushed and supported her music, the love of the world and atmosphere around her.