Cary Judd

• Plays the STS205CENT
• From Boise, ID

“I play Teton guitars first and foremost because of the tone.  I love that they’re dedicated to producing high quality instruments while keeping the musician’s plight in mind.  The result: a great sounding instrument at a price point musicians can afford and still have gas money to get to the gig.”


Cary Judd is a respected songwriter, singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He’s made a name for himself the last 11 years through his solo music as well as stints in the bands The Vacationist, The Blaqks, and Fires in France. He’s a critically acclaimed songwriter, dubbed “the perfect marriage of moxie and maturity” by Performing Songwriter. Whether he’s producing other artists in his Boise studio (The Wormhole), fronting his current project The Vacationist, or softly strumming an acoustic guitar, his ideas and words inspire fellow musicians and fans alike.