Disclaimer: For ease in writing, I mean both satin and matte finishes when I use the term satin throughout this blog.

When cleaning a satin finish you want to make sure you are not using a product that will cause the finish to change and start to appear glossy. Never use any cleaner that has any type of polish or oil in it. These components will change the appearance of your satin finish. 

The best way to keep a satin finish guitar looking clean is to have a microfiber cleaning cloth that does not have stitching around the edges. Use this cloth to wipe down your instrument each time you are done playing. Wiping it down will remove dust and/or oils that were left behind from your hands and arms. 

If you want to use a cleaner on your guitar, make sure to find one that is safe for satin finishes. There are a few companies that make formulas specific for satin finishes. Taylor Guitars and Music Nomad both have cleaners designed for this finish type.

No matter how you choose to clean your guitar, just make sure that it actually happens. I have seen some guitars that looked like they were carrying some type of plague on them. Please give your instrument love by taking care of it. 

— Ben

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