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Michael Palmisano Plays Guitar Reacting to the Guitar Teacher Reacts (3/22/2021) - A few days ago, I was fortunate to hop on a call with one of my idols, Michael Palmisano. His name may not be immediately familiar but you'd certainly recognize him from hundreds of Youtube videos titled "Guitar Teacher Reacts..."
Blog-Thumbnail-Quarantine Music In The Time Of Quarantine (7/14/2020) - Several weeks ago our team was talking about how our practicing habits had changed toward music with more time on our hands. This led to a conversation about how our Artist team was handling not being able to play live music in front of a crowd. Most notably, Kenny Lee Young came up in our […]
Blog-Thumbnail-Lorins-Studio Lorin builds a Home Studio (4/28/2020) - Lorin Walker Madsen is not only an incredibly talented musician, he’s one heck of a person! Down to earth, generous and fun to be around. I have no doubt that hanging out in his newly built home studio space would be the highlight of anyone’s day and I can’t wait to see it in person […]
Blog-Thumbnail-Adam-Kinger Finding Inspiration with Adam Klinger (4/21/2020) - I’m so thrilled to be introducing my friend and Teton Ranger, Adam Klinger as a guest writer on the blog today. Connecting with Adam a while back on Instagram and building a relationship has been a high point of manning our social media channels. When he visited in person, I clicked with him and his […]
Blog_Thumbnail_Practice Music While Sheltering In Place (4/14/2020) - Years from now we may look back on this point in our lives and not think much of it. But as I sit in State mandated isolation the feeling is surreal. It feels like books I have read and movies I have watched, except I am out in a tiny subdivision in Idaho and do […]
Blog_Thumbnail_Sloan_Dalley Q&A with Sloan Dalley (4/7/2020) - Sloan and I first met years ago when her Dad started carrying Teton Guitars in his music shop. It was a friends at first site type of thing. This girl was vibey as heck and a killer musician. Several years later, after she’d moved to Cali and back again to Idaho, we reconnected and decided […]
Blog-Thumbnail-Connections Making Friends and Connections (3/31/2020) - Hey Friends, Jenn here. If you’ve been following us for a while on social media, be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we’re probably friends. If you’ve messaged us, left a comment or double tapped for that heart, I’m the lucky one getting the many notifications each day.  One of the BEST things about social media […]
Blog_Thumbnail_Brain_Benefits Marvelous Musical Benefits (3/24/2020) - Music. Such a simple word that covers so much. Everyone, with perhaps a very few exceptions, likes one form of music or another. From Ska to Country, Death Metal to Classical, even humming off-key and singing in the shower, there is something out there for every musical taste. It soothes our souls, lifts our spirits […]
Blog-Thumbnail-Michael-Barrow Q & A with Michael Barrow (3/17/2020) - Michael Barrow reached out to us here at Teton late in 2017 asking to perform on our now defunct YouTube channel. We set a date and met, officially, in March of 2018 and have been following his music career ever since. I’m thrilled to have him added to the *official* Teton Artist Roster. Not only […]
Blog-Thumbnail-Favorite-Model Teton Basecamp Favorite Models (3/10/2020) - We often have people ask us what the best Teton guitar is. We like them all so there isn’t a “best” model, but the people who work here definitely have their favorites. Today I walked around Teton Basecamp and asked 17 people what their favorite model is. The variety of answers I received was kind […]
Blog_Thumbnail_Student_Model Teton Student Model (3/3/2020) - Here at Teton we have always had one philosophy that drives what we do. We want to make guitars that standout from the crowd and that everyone can afford. I think we’ve been exceptional at accomplishing this. Over the past few years a number of things have happened that have required us to increase prices […]
Blog_Thumbnail_Before_You_Buy 5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Guitar (2/25/2020) - So you want to join the wonderful world of guitarists? It’s a fun, creative, emotional, empowering road to go down. There are a few important things to know before you begin, so let’s get started! 1.) Should I buy an electric or acoustic guitar?   I’ve mentioned this before, but I believe that it’s easier to […]
Teton 10th Model (2/18/2020) - It is hard to believe it but 10 years are behind us. Teton guitars started shipping in 2010. Here we are in 2020 and many things have changed since then. I am not here to talk about all the changes. All I want to do is talk about the Teton 10th, our 10th anniversary guitar. […]
000 Series (2/11/2020) - The idea for the 000 series popped into my head about 2 in the morning. I woke up with a thought sitting in my mind. I was awake enough to make a note of it and then went back to sleep. In the morning I saw the note and then worked out the details while […]
NAMM Followup (2/4/2020) - NAMM is always a crazy time of year. Leading up to NAMM we are preparing the booth, creating catalogs and other marketing materials. We schedule Artists to play at the booth and at our NAMM After Jamm as well as scheduling appointments and figuring out sales promotions. There is so much that goes into a […]
Teton 10th Anniversary (1/21/2020) - Wow! 10 Years! It does not feel like 10 years and at the same time it feels all of 10 years. All at the same time. I am lucky that I saw the very first days of the Teton brand. I have seen the ups and downs of all 10 years. To be perfectly honest, […]
Collaborating With Brady Parks (12/10/2019) - We are always looking for fun ways to involve our Artist Team and more importantly you, our fans of Teton Guitars. What better way to do both, plus an added bonus, than collaborating with Brady Parks on an awesome sticker design.  When I approached the well known frontman of The National Parks about designing something, […]
Part 1 – Start to Finish of a Guitar (12/3/2019) - There are many components and materials that go into making a Teton guitar, but did you know there’s a whole process outside of building the guitar that happens to get it into your hands? I’m going to walk you through the process, from top to bottom, left to right, Idaho to China and back again.The […]
Disc Golf and Tone Woods (11/26/2019) - I have a horrible confession. I’m not the best musician. I’m not even sure I could be called a dabbler. Yes, I work for Teton Guitars and even own one but I’m not a guitarist (insert gasps of amazement here). I played the Alto Saxophone in high school but that was over two decades ago. […]
Tips and Tricks for Camping with a Ukulele (11/19/2019) - It is awesome being right next to Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. People travel from all over the world to see these areas and I get to make day trips whenever I want. I have spent countless days camping and numberless miles hiking all through these parks. Two things that I always try to grab […]
Ranger Picks 2019 (11/12/2019) - Have you met our team of Teton Rangers? This loyal group of Teton fans were hand chosen by our team. Not only because they play Teton, but for their values, their hustle and most importantly because of the relationship we’ve built with them.  Most of the Rangers came to us via social media and the […]
When Worlds Collide (11/5/2019) - Guitars are everywhere. It is easy to tell that the guitar is the most popular instrument in America. I would venture to say that the guitar has been used to create the most significant American form of art, popular music. But that is a different topic for another day. Today I want to talk about […]
Q&A with Kyle Jennings (10/29/2019) - When I’m feeling a bit sad, I love to scope out Kyle’s Instagram and the photos he posts of his dog, Stanley. While we haven’t met in person yet, it’s always fun to chat with Kyle via phone and text. Learning more about him was also really cool and I love when I can ask […]
Starting With The Right Guitar (10/22/2019) - A question I’m sure many people have asked is “Why not just buy a cheap guitar at Walmart or on Amazon to get my child started playing guitar?” I get it, why not try to save some money. The truth is, hobbies cost money. This is true for sewing, fixing computers, skateboarding, horseback riding, cooking, […]
Q&A with Cale Moon (10/15/2019) - Cale Moon was introduced to Teton Guitars by Hill Music (in Casper, WY) while out touring. Soon after, he reached out to us and stopped by Basecamp to check out more models. He couldn’t leave without a Ziricote 160 model in his hands, and we couldn’t let him leave without being part of our Teton […]
Bye, Bye YouTube (10/8/2019) - A couple months ago we began our work week with some very startling and unsettling news. Over the weekend YouTube had terminated our Teton TV YouTube Channel. Both Jenn and Ben share their thoughts on this travesty. Ben’s Reaction: They had no reason to do this. We have never been in violation of any policy […]
Q&A with Alexa Shea (10/1/2019) - While Alexa and I have never met in person, she is one of my all time favorite people to interact with be it email, social media or via text. Her radiating, positive personality is infectious, even from behind a screen. Learning more about her was a lot of fun and I know we’d be best […]
What’s a Truss Rod? (9/24/2019) - Last month a guy called me, telling me the truss rod on his brand new guitar was broken and asked if he could return it. I’ve had experiences with people saying there is something wrong with the truss rod, when in fact it is perfectly fine, so I was a bit skeptical. Sure enough, I […]
Q&A w/Craig Green (9/17/2019) -  Craig Green is one of the most chill, kind and sweet guys I have ever met. He is a Teton endorsed artist too and I love our Teton guitars (I have a decent collection going). I have had several guitar teachers and they were all good in their own way but the way that Craig […]
Teton Rarified Tops (9/9/2019) - Have you ever picked up a guitar and thought, “Wow, this sounds amazing and so warm!” Older guitars especially will have that ‘worn in’ tone and feel. Kind of like your favorite pair of jeans that fit just right or putting your favorite album on the turntable. They feel like home. It can take years […]
Q&A with Connor Berry (9/4/2019) - I first discovered Connor on Instagram, as I find so many fans of Teton Guitars. Except this time, to my delight… I found a skilled ukulele player! Immediately drawn to his percussive style and fantastic fingerstyle covers, I was hooked. Most of Connor’s YouTube channel features our solid body, electric uke. These instruments are no […]
How often should I change my strings? (8/27/2019) - I bought a ukulele close to 10 years ago and I didn’t know anything about the strings or how often to change them. A couple years later, someone suggested that I get my instrument restrung. At the time, I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference in the sound but obviously going […]
Why Do I Have to Humidify My Guitar? (8/20/2019) - I work with guitars quite a bit. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but being around these beauties as much as I am grants a certain level of experience. So this morning a guitar arrived [...]
Caring For A Satin Or Matte Finish (8/13/2019) - When cleaning a satin finish you want to make sure you are not using a product that will cause the finish to change and start to appear glossy. Never use any cleaner that has any type of polish or oil in it.
More Than A Park (8/6/2019) - People can get so caught up in answering this email... or attending that meeting... and on to the business of life. It can become overwhelming and stressful to say the least. So every night, I do a meditation with my kids before they go to sleep. I think we, as human beings, need that connection... connection to life,
Learn Guitar Correctly From The Start: Here’s Why (7/30/2019) - I’ve been singing my whole life and it’s what I love, so when I started guitar 4 years ago it was only with the intent of accompanying myself while singing. It was definitely a struggle for me. I had a hard time learning the bar chords when everyone else in my class seemed to be picking them up. This made it so [...]
The Beginner’s Guide To Cleaning Your Fretboard (7/23/2019) - I am akin to a newborn babe when it comes to guitars, or at least I was until I started work here at Chesbro Music/ Teton Guitars. I did not know how much went into the quality and care of the instrument. During my training I was introduced to our Quality Control team, who showed me everything they do [...]
Q&A with Keyvin VanDyke (7/16/2019) - I first met Keyvin in the summer of 2016 slinging an upright bass taller than himself. Instantly drawn to his energy and musicality as part of the instrumental trio “The Etc.”, I knew he would be one to watch. Fast forward to last fall when he became an officially endorsed Teton Artist. It’s been amazing […]
The Truth About Teton Guitars (7/9/2019) - Let’s talk guitars, shall we? Specifically, Teton Guitars. I’ve been selling Tetons since day one, so you could say I’m invested. When you’re in a sales job, trying to introduce an unheard of brand of guitars to your customers, you hear A LOT of excuses, objections and misconceptions… And when someone makes assumptions about something […]
STS105NT – The Guitar That Started It All (6/4/2019) - I guess I should back up just a moment from the blog title. The STS105NT was not Teton’s first guitar. We actually had four models before the STS105NT. The original four Teton Guitars were all classical. What was so special about the STS105NT was that it made people pay attention to us. This guitar was […]
180 Series Armrests (5/21/2019) - The Teton 180 series has evolved over the years and we continue to have it grow and expand. It started with only parlor guitars. Once these became a top seller, we added acoustic/electric steel string models. After seeing the full implications of the CITES regulations on rosewood, we began to transition more models to the […]
Q&A with Jenny Teator (5/7/2019) - I met Jenny Teator last summer in Nashville at the Summer NAMM show. She was blitzing past our booth, turned on her heal and said, “how do you say that?” “Tee-Ton” I emphasized.“Teator” she said, pointing to herself, then “Teton” pointing back to our banner. “I think I need to check out your stuff, cause […]
New Ukes (4/11/2019) - Our big launch at Winter NAMM this year were our ukuleles. We introduced new series and updated existing ones. Each series now has unified aesthetics and has all four body shapes available, soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. Five of the six series have solid tops: 103, 130, 140, 160, 180. The 003 series is all […]
Q&A With Eric May (4/1/2019) - What’s your favorite food?      Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich…hands down. Who’s your biggest single musical influence?      Tough question this early in the Q&A….oh boy…..Johnny Cash and Chris LeDoux for the tie!…… Johnny Cash though. Favorite stage you’ve played to date?      Barn Door Opry in Ravenwood, MO.  This was the first stage I ever performed on. I was […]
NAMM recap 2019 (2/12/2019) - Attending the NAMM show is always a highlight of the year for our crew. Have you been before? The crowds, the sounds and the energy are something you won’t soon forget. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and get swept away in a sea of people, but even easier to be overcome with inspiration. Class schedules, […]
Q&A With Sheridan Gates (11/15/2018) - You just returned from the west coast where you did a run of house/ intimate shows. How was that recieved? Did you garner new fans? Yes, I had an absolute blast on the West Coast tour! This was the second house concert tour I’ve done and they have been so well received. The intimate nature […]
Q&A with Marissa Leigh (6/26/2018) - Who is your biggest musical influence? Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy have most influenced my music style and have inspired me to find my own voice. They both have unique tones and styles that have pushed me to discover and develop my own. When did you start playing the guitar? I started playing the guitar […]
Q&A with Tyler and Devin Bills | The Bills Bros (6/12/2018) - It was such a joy to sit down with Tyler and Devin Bills when the visited the studio last month. Their duo project The Bills Bros and rock group Judd Hoos both showcase the amazing talent they have and the depth of their skills. We can’t forget about Tyler’s solo acoustic EP, which is a […]
Q&A with Bryan Scar (5/29/2018) - – As a child, did you want to be a career musician? I’ve bounced around a few ideas. First, it was a Dolphin Trainer, then it was a History Teacher… wasn’t until I picked up a guitar that everything just clicked! – Is the guitar your first instrument? The first instrument I learned was the […]
Q&A with Kit Sawyer (5/15/2018) - – If you could only eat 1 food group for the rest of your days, what would it be? Definitely dairy. I couldn’t live without cheese. What else goes with ALL the other food groups? Put cheese on everything. – Who are your biggest musical influences? When I started college, I discovered Pearl Jam and […]
Where will Teton take you? (3/6/2018) - This winter, as we look out at the cold, gray sky, we are longing for the muddied snow on the ground to melt away to summer sun. We dream of the warm sun on our backs. A half eaten huckleberry ice cream cone in our hand. Teton Guitars Spotify playlist blaring (or your passengers strumming […]
Inspired by Bob Ross (2/20/2018) - In December, we posted a challenge and reward on our FB page for the first 5 people who participated. The challenge? To follow along with Bob Ross and paint a beautiful snowy Teton landscape. We haven’t had too much snow this season and it also seemed fitting for those that have never been able to […]
Hybrids and Electrics – NAMM 2018 (1/24/2018) - Teton Brings All-new Hybrids to 2018 NAMM Show Teton Guitars is expected to introduce its youngest line of hybrids at the 2018 NAMM Show. Teton’s been busy since last year’s NAMM Show and, after a long winter, Teton Guitars is growing their family by two. Due to arrive January 25th, the big reveal will be […]
#TetonNAMMtionalPark (1/10/2018) - Teton Guitars basecamp is in the shadow of Grand Teton National Park. It is our playground. Our backyard. Our inspiration. Our namesake. It’s one of our favorite places in the whole world. So, is it any wonder that we have been calling this year’s NAMM booth our Teton NAMMtional Park? This is why we are […]
Meeting with the Factory (11/15/2017) - I was able to spend time in China visiting our factory. It is always a great experience to meet face to face. I value the relationships I have created over the years and I consider many of the workers as friends. This year, we had some challenges facing us as we held our meetings. The […]
Rarefied Tops (9/5/2017) - Over a year and a half ago, we introduced a new process to our guitar tops. We call it “Rarefication.” We discovered that this process has many positive effects on the wood while not changing the basic nature of the wood, unlike some other processes that have been introduced in the past few years. Today, […]
Spalted Maple (8/29/2017) - After it was introduced at the 2016 NAMM show, the STA130SMCENT has become one of our best selling models. If you have seen one, you can quickly understand why. The spalted maple back and sides, with the matching headstock cap, make every guitar a unique work of art. We have accentuated the dramatic effects of […]
The American Eclipse Over Teton Guitars Eclipse at Teton Basecamp (8/15/2017) - Next week, a path of total darkness will be laid across the entire United States… This may sound like an apocalyptic announcement, but I’m only talking about the total solar eclipse that will take place on August 21st, 2017. Fortunately for us here at Teton Basecamp, we are in the path of totality. We will […]
Teton Guitarist John Hancock Q&A with John Hancock (5/31/2017) - Being part of the Teton Basecamp Crew is pretty much the greatest job I’ve ever had. I met John Hancock, midsummer 2016, when he visited the Teton TV studio with members of The National Parks. Now, it’s late spring of 2017 and I’m sitting at my desk with 30 minutes left of a very long […]
Teton Guitars Blog: All Solid! All Solid (4/10/2017) - Every Teton Guitar comes standard with a solid top. The solid top has been a driving factor in the amazing sound quality for every Teton guitar. On a majority of the models, we use layered backs and sides. This helps keep costs down and we have been able to make our solid top models sound […]
Teton Artists at Teton Guitars NAMM Booth in 2017 Winter NAMM Recap 2017 (1/31/2017) - Greetings everyone! Team Teton has arrived safe and sound back in Idaho after showcasing our awesome guitars at the 2017 NAMM Show in California. The warmer weather in Cali will be missed; however, the amazing experiences at NAMM will not be forgotten. As always the show was busy. Even though it rained most of the […]
Teton Artist Kit Nolan Q&A with Kit Nolan (1/17/2017) - When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue making music as a career? I was actually pretty late to the game in that regard. I grew up thinking I was going to be a baseball player. It is where all my focus was. I was the only one in our district to make […]
Teton Guitars 2016 in Review 2016 Recap (12/27/2016) - 2016 brought many accomplishments for the Teton basecamp crew. Here are just a few of our favorite moments. Adding more Teton Artists to our Roster. Mike Christiansen, Craig Green, Brady Parks and Cherish DeGraaf all joined us. They’re each so talented and are out spreading their love of Teton, while we spread our love of them. […]
Teton Guitars Artist Cherish DeGraaf Q&A with Cherish DeGraaf (12/20/2016) - Did you guys know we stumbled upon Cherish all because she used our #FriendOfTeton hashtag?!? So remember kids, a hashtag can change your life. Seriously though, we’d been following Cherish for a while and invited her up to film for Teton TV, which was a huge success. We liked her instantly and with all the […]
Holiday Playlist and Ginger Cookie Recipe (12/13/2016) - What could be better this Holiday season than baking some cookies for your friends and listening to some good tunes while doing so? Probably nothing, unless you were sitting playing a Teton guitar while someone else did the baking. We asked our staff what their go-to tunes are this time of year. Katie also shared […]
12 days of Teton Guitars Twelve Days of Teton 2016 (12/6/2016) - ♫♫♫♫ On the 1st day of Teton, these really cool people located in Idaho, gave to me…… ♫♫♫♫ (sung to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas). It’s that time of year again for the #12DaysofTeton!! Last year, we had so much fun with y’all and we can’t wait to do it again. Join […]
Teton Guitars 180 Series The 180 Series (11/29/2016) - Behold the beauty of ebony back and sides!  Paired with a solid Sitka Spruce top, these guitars have a sound that you won’t soon forget! The ebony graining is different on each and every guitar giving added character. Oh…and they come in four different body sizes: STA180CENT–Auditorium size with cutaway and Fishman Presys+ electronics. STG180CENT–Grand […]
Visit Teton Guitars (booth 4430) at NAMM 2017 NAMM 2017 (11/22/2016) - Even with the holidays and end of year busy-ness going on, NAMM 2017 is just around the corner and we are getting soooo excited. We will be there with full regalia, rolling out the carpet for one and all to come see our 2017 models and some very exciting surprises. Plan on stopping at Booth […]
Q&A with Brady Parks (11/15/2016) - Brady Parks of The National Parks recently answered questions submitted by some of our Teton team. Not only is this band one of my favorites to listen to, they are just some of the most down-to-earth people out there in the biz. Brady has visited Teton Basecamp twice; you can watch his performances here and […]
Teton TV 1 year Anniversary!! (11/8/2016) - November 9, 2015, our first YouTube video, under our renamed Teton TV channel was posted. We’ve been bringing you an episode each Tuesday ever since. While the channel officially launched a year ago, our journey began far earlier. In the early summer of 2015, a simple idea turned into what you see now. I talk […]
Inspiration at Teton Guitars 2016 Concert (11/1/2016) - What a great night for everyone who came to be inspired at Teton Guitars 5th Anniversary Concert the evening of 27 October, 2016 in downtown Idaho Falls. Before the concert started, Tana Stahn, CEO, and Ben Parker, Marketing Manager, presented a check to the Teton Cancer Institute (TCI) of Idaho Falls. The money comes from […]
Q&A with Markio (10/25/2016) - A Pirate and the Lost Tone Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s the time of year when we stock up on candy and dress up as anyone or anything we want. In good spirit, we decided to film a fun special episode of Teton TV that you can watch here. To start things off, Jeremy finds an […]
2016 Teton Guitars Pink Campaign Charity Auction Did You Know? (10/18/2016) - Today is the last day to bid on our Teton Guitars Pink Campaign Charity Auction! This campaign hasn’t just been about raising money; it’s been about raising awareness, about raising our voices, about supporting those struggling and celebrating those who have won the battle. It’s also about mourning those who have lost. We encourage each and […]
Breast Cancer Hits Home (10/11/2016) - There are moments in our life we never forget, this was a string of just such moments. My mother calls and tells me, ‘They found a lump in Grandma Cheryl’s scans…… It’s stage II Breast Cancer. The oncologist is putting together a treatment plan.” We start a family Facebook group to stay updated. My family […]
Teton Guitars Pink Campaign 2016 Teton Guitars Charity Auction (10/4/2016) - It’s that time of the year where we try to do as much good as we can to help raise awareness for a disease that will, in some way or another, have an effect on each of us during our lives. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women. And, chances are that if you have […]
The 155 Series (9/28/2016) - The 155 Series This month we have four fantastic guitars that garnish solid Western Red Cedar tops and laminate Rosewood back and sides. Let’s take a look at these fine instruments. STC155CENT This one is the king of our classical guitar lineup. It has a beautiful gloss finish, Rosewood/Maple binding, and a cutaway with Fishman […]
Product Innovation and Ingenuity (9/20/2016) - “Teton Guitars is known for product innovation” muses Dan Ferrisi, editor of The Music & Sound Retailer, about our 10-string, our Range guitars, and, most recently, our new Arm Rest Series. “Ingenuity is rooted in its development process,” reports Mr. Ferrisi, and that “this latest creation of comfortable guitars is already generating considerable excitement.” Dear guitar […]
5th Anniversary 5th Anniversary Model (9/13/2016) - We have shown you this 5th anniversary model guitar a couple of times– on display at the 2016 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, and on an episode of Teton TV when Lorin Walker Madsen stopped by earlier this year. Now, we are excited to let you know that the 5th Anniversary guitars are here […]
Learn how to pronounce "Teton" How to Pronounce Teton (9/6/2016) - There are plenty of online resources to learn how to say a word correctly. Many times, though, a word is common enough in American lexicon that you wouldn’t think to go online. Words such as “Yosemite” and “Shenandoah.” Don’t stumble over these words because they conjure up images of majestic and grand scenes. Which reminds […]
All About the Teton Guitars 130 Series The 130 Series (8/30/2016) - The 130 Series Buckle up everybody and get ready for the charismatic 130 series! These amazing instruments are built with a solid Sitka Spruce top and maple back and sides. What kind of maple you ask? Well, let me introduce you to these fine guitars.   STS130FMNT & STG130FMCENT Both of these guitars come with […]
Teton Guitars Helping Others Helping Others (8/23/2016) - Here at Teton Guitars basecamp, we are always looking for ways to help others. Part of being blessed with so much is the responsibility to give back and find ways to help others. We do this locally, as a company, by sponsoring the Museum of Idaho and other groups that reinforce and promote local art. […]
Craig Green and Teton Guitars Q&A with Craig Green (8/17/2016) - Craig Green is a wonderfully talented musician, who also happens to be our only basecamp endorsee, teaching right here at Chesbro Music Co. I’ve known him for many years and really enjoyed learning more about him. Check out his bio to listen to his music and keep up with everything else he’s got going on. […]
New Teton Shirts! (8/9/2016) - Check out our new Teton Guitars t-shirts. We are super excited about the new design. These summer camp shirts are hand-pulled screen printed by a local printer using discharge ink. This ink will feel like normal screen printing ink until you have washed it a few times. After that, the print feels soft like the […]
105 Series (7/26/2016) - Welcome back, everyone! For this month’s series, we’ll be taking a look at the 105. These are definitely our best sellers. To anyone who is new to Teton, this is a fantastic starting point. These guitars have a solid cedar top paired with laminate mahogany back and sides and the result is incredible. Here’s an […]
Q&A with Mike Christiansen (7/19/2016) - Today we get to learn more about the ever so talented Mike Christiansen. Mike has played many guitars over the years and we’re so lucky to have him on our Artist Roster. To learn even more about Mike, visit his Artist Bio. If you’re lucky, you may even catch him playing in his home town […]
Are you a Friend of Teton? (7/12/2016) - There’s a whole list of songs out there about friendship and we can see why–it’s a great topic! We all need a good friend, right? Sitting down to play your favorite instrument can feel like visiting with an old friend. Your soul takes comfort in making music and it can feel as good as those […]
Customer Testimonials (7/5/2016) - We’ve had so many kind compliments sent to us lately and we’re so grateful for everyone’s support out there playing our instruments. We read every comment, email and message sent on social media. These words fuel our continued mission to create the best guitars we can. If you have something to share with our team, […]
The 150 Series (6/28/2016) - 150 Series Welcome, everyone, to the 150 series! This is our largest series and contains a few of our iconic models such as the arm-rest and 10-string. Across the board, these tone monsters have a Solid Sitka Spruce top paired with Rosewood back and sides. To start things off, here’s an overview of all the […]
It’s our Blogiversary! (6/21/2016) - 52 blog posts + 3 regular writers + some guest writers + 1 editor + 1 graphic designer + 1 web developer = 6/16/16 aka our 1st Blogiversary!! So my math might be a little off… I’m a musician, not an accountant. We celebrated with some cookies and high fives all around. Our team has […]
The National Parks (6/14/2016) - This story starts in April of 2014, when attending the Cotopaxi Questival. Questival is a 24 hour adventure with a music festival at the end. One of the bands playing was The National Parks. I’d never heard of them but, by the time their set was finished, I was a very big fan! With a […]
1 Guitar 2 Continents (6/7/2016) - I have only been to two continents: the North American and Asian Continents. Of course, I have spent my whole life in North America. The Asian Continent has been visited for business purposes. I have played hundreds, maybe thousands, of guitars on the North American Continent. But there is only one guitar that I have […]
The 103 & 200 Series (5/31/2016) - The 103 and 200 Series This month we are showcasing two guitars covering two series. One is a parlor sized guitar and the other is a grand auditorium sized guitar. I guarantee that both of these guitars will blow your socks off! (Watch this episode of Teton TV for proof.) STP103NT This is one of […]
The New Kids On The Block (5/24/2016) - The title of this blog has absolutely no reference to a terrible boy band from the early 90s or whenever that group graced the walls and CD players of Tweens all across the world. I want to make that clear up front. The real “New Kids on the Block” are the Teton range of Mountains. […]
Q&A with Steve Brosky (5/17/2016) - Steve Brosky is a talented musician from Pennsylvania. Check out his bio for more information and where to hear him next.   With all the guitars you have played, what makes Teton special to you? There is a certain tone that I like!   How often do you gig with your Teton? 3 to 5 […]
New Spalted Maple Auditorium Model (5/10/2016) - Seven months ago, I spent a few days at our factory in China. It was a great trip! I was able to watch them producing the first shipment of Arm Rest models and other models introduced this year. While I was there, I had a chance to do something I had not been able to […]
Spalted Maple STA130SMCENT Teton Demo (5/10/2016) - Join Mark and Jeremy as they demo the BRAND NEW in 2016 spalted maple auditorium guitar. This one is a true unique beauty. Read Ben’s blog post for more info: https://tetonguitars.com/blog/ Check the website for full details: https://tetonguitars.com/product/sta130smcent-acoustic-auditorium-spruce-teton-guitar/
Teton Artists Love Teton! (5/3/2016) - We hear nice things about our instruments on a daily basis, from social media, our independent dealers, new fans and each other. The basecamp crew is always discovering a new favorite model or feature. However, some of our biggest fans are the Teton Artist crew. We’re so grateful for such a well rounded and talented […]
110 and 125 Series (4/26/2016) - The 110 and 125 Series Guitars Hi everyone! We have two great series to showcase this month. First, we have the 110 series with a solid spruce top and laminated ovangkol back and sides. Next is the 125 series with a solid cedar top and laminated walnut back and sides. Here’s a rundown of these […]
Teton 10 Point Inspection (4/26/2016) - Join Mark and our special guest Tim for a walk through of the Teton 10 point inspection that each guitar undergoes before leaving our warehouse in Idaho.
Q&A with Adam Jones of Hollow Wood (4/19/2016) - It’s was such a pleasure getting to know #TetonArtist Adam Jones of Hollow Wood a bit better this week. We’ve been big fans of his music from day 1 and can’t wait to hear what these guys come out with next. Check out the debut video with his Teton Parlor, his bio for more information […]
Ukes, Ukes, Ukes (4/12/2016) - We sure talk a lot about our fantastic acoustic guitars, but did you know we also make ukuleles? In fact, two of our #TetonArtists play the all solid electric model. The ukulele has had a very big resurgence in the last 5 years and it’s exciting to be a part of it. Just like our […]
Teton TV Exclusive with Kenny Lee Young (4/12/2016) - You heard it on Teton TV first! Kenny Lee Young, Teton Artist Extraordinaire, performs his newest song, “Call it Square” at Teton basecamp. Catch up with everything Kenny’s got going on at: https://tetonguitars.com/kenny-lee-young/
Teton Body Sizes – Lots of Variety (4/5/2016) - Teton Body Sizes – Lots of Variety! You know what’s really cool about the Teton line, aside from looking, feeling and sounding great?! There are a lot of size options offered and we’re expanding it all the time. With a total of 8 body sizes, you’re sure to find the right fit. For example; in […]
The 100 Series (3/29/2016) - The 100 Series Welcome, everybody, to the 100 series! These are built with a solid spruce top and laminate mahogany back and sides. If you are new to Teton guitars, then this series is the perfect starting point. Here’s the rundown of the 100 series lineup: Dreadnought These guitars are simply wonderful to play. They […]
Western Red Cedar (3/22/2016) - “The power of the red cedar tree was said to be so strong a person could receive strength by standing with his or her back to the tree. Red cedar was used for a variety of ailments. It is called the ‘tree of life’ by the Kakawaka’wakw and is still held with highest respect by […]
Q&A with Edward Hernandez (3/15/2016) - Today I had the pleasure of getting to know our #TetonArtist Edward Hernandez a little better. Ed is a talented guy who not only plays the ukulele, but also plays the bass and sings. We’re so grateful to have him on our Artist Roster; it’s great to work with him and see his music career […]
Fishman Electronics (3/8/2016) - Teton Teams Up With Fishman Electronics We are very excited to let everyone know about our relationship with Fishman Electronics. We have always used Fishman preamps and pickups in our acoustic guitars. So, why are we so excited about letting you know now? Well, if you look over at the sidebar, you will see a […]
Our Favorite Albums (3/1/2016) - Music is involved with almost every aspect of our lives. A lot of times it’s in the background and we do not really even pay attention to its presence until a song we love comes on. Then we listen and some people (who are more daring than I am) sing out loud with the song. […]
The 205 Series (2/23/2016) - The 205 series guitars are the all solid giants of the Teton line. These guitars have a solid western red cedar top paired with solid mahogany back and sides. The 205’s are available in either dreadnought or grand concert sized and you have the option of a cutaway with electronics or standard with no electronics. […]
Toney Rocks – DIY Recording and Production (2/16/2016) - Toney Rocks is a man of many talents and we’re so lucky he’s sharing some of his tips and tricks with us today on the blog. He’ll be touring soon, showcasing this new album, so check out dates near you. Making a record on your own can be a complex affair. A ton of things […]
NAMM Recap Part II – The Artists (2/4/2016) - Dear Lorin, Kenny, Toney, Edward and Hope, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your schedules to be part of our #TetonNAMMcrew. Most of you I’d never met in person and I’ve got to admit that I was nervous beyond belief. Talking with someone via phone, email and text […]
NAMM Recap Part 1 (2/2/2016) - NAMM Recap Part 1 – The Show Our Teton NAMM crew just returned from California last week where we debuted 16 new models for 2016! If you’ve ever attended the winter NAMM show in Anaheim, you’ll understand my sentiments. The show is 4 days of crazy, loud, energetic, innovative, inspiring, magical, musical fun!! There is […]
We’re Blowing Up! (1/26/2016) -   We’re blowing up! What can we say? NAMM 2016 was a huge success. We’ve added 16 new models to the line and can’t wait to get them into your hands. The big news is that we’re offering Arm Rest Guitars starting at $799 MSRP! That’s an amazing deal on a world class guitar. Check […]
Teton Body Comparison Demo (1/22/2016) - Jeremy plays 3 different Teton models, so you can hear the difference in tone and see each size. Which model fits you best? All measurements are in inches. Grand Concert Body Length: 19.3; Overall Length: 39.75; Upper Bout: 11; Lower Bout: 15.25 https://tetonguitars.com/product-category/acoustics/grand-concert/ Grand Auditorium Body Length: 19.8; Overall Length: 40.4; Upper Bout: 11; Lower Bout: 15.9 […]
Artist Spotlight – Kenny Lee Young (1/19/2016) - It’s such a pleasure getting to know our Teton Artists better with these short interview sessions and reading through Kenny’s answers was no exception. My favorite thing about music is how it brings people together and I’m so lucky to work with these talented musicians who are out there sharing their love of music. Thanks, […]
Guitar Humidification – Why It’s Important (1/15/2016) - What happens when your guitar starts to dry out? Well, nothing good, that’s for sure!  Jeremy and Mark will walk you through signs of a drying guitar, different types of humidifiers and how to use them.
The 170 Series (1/12/2016) - The Teton 170 series is one of our most eye catching series and features a solid sitka spruce top and koa laminate back and sides. We offer the 170 in three options. STS170NT STG170NT STG170ENT The first is a Dreadnought model and, although it’s the most common body shape, the sound is anything but common. […]
TA30 Teton Acoustic Amplifier Demo (1/8/2016) - Join Mark and Jeremy as they go through the settings of our TA30 acoustic amplifier. They’ll start with some basic fine tuning, then start switching things on and off, so you can hear the difference.
What’s coming in 2016 (1/5/2016) - Welcome to 2016! From all of us at Teton Guitars, we hope you had a safe and happy New Year. We are very excited for 2016. Five years ago we introduced the STS105NT. For the past 4 years that has been our best selling Teton guitar. As we enter into 2016, I am sitting here […]
Lorin Walker Madsen Demo’s the STA105NT – NEW Teton Model (1/1/2016) - Lorin Walker Madsen stopped by Teton base camp and checked out the new STA105NT with solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides. This guitar will be available early 2016, enjoy the sneak peak.
Teton 2015 – Our Year in Review (12/29/2015) - As 2015 draws to a close, the crew at Teton base camp is so proud of everything we’ve accomplished. There’s a lot that goes into making a line of quality instruments. Thankfully, we have the best crew for the job and each person is essential in getting these products into your hands. Here are just […]
10K and Going Strong! (12/22/2015) - Monday is typically frowned upon as being the worst day of the week. Many of us have to return to work and other adult responsibilities. Here at Teton, we view Monday as a fresh start to reach all of our fans each week, a chance to come into Basecamp refreshed and ready to get more […]
Teton Guitar Testimonial (12/18/2015) - While in Teton Country, Bryce stops in to Teton Basecamp and explains to Teton TV why he won’t give up his STS110CENT Teton Guitar.
Q&A with Cary Judd (12/15/2015) - I first met Cary Judd after a show he was playing here in Idaho Falls, about 7 years ago. It’s likely he doesn’t even remember the encounter as it was very brief. I dragged some reluctant friends out that chilly evening, but we all left the venue feeling inspired and tapping our toes. Cary had […]
How To Pick Out An Acoustic Guitar – Parlor vs. Jumbo (12/11/2015) - Cary Judd shows us what he looks for when picking out a new acoustic guitar. Join us as he plays the STP180DVB parlor and the STJ105NT jumbo then compares the sound and what he’d use each model for.
Brace Yourselves – Teton is Coming (12/8/2015) - Brace Yourselves…Teton is Coming! Several things go into the making of each and every Teton guitar. The sound our guitars produce is contingent upon not only the quality of materials and craftsmanship, but also how everything is assembled. From the outside, you will see various elements that are eye-catching: wood grain, amazing Teton logo, size/shape, […]
George Jones Cover with Lorin Walker Madsen (12/4/2015) - Lorin Walker Madsen popped by the Teton base camp Teton TV studio and jammed with our very own Ben Parker. We were able to capture their on the fly performance of George Jones’ Fox on the Run. Lorin is playing his trusty STS110CENT Stay up to date with all Lorin is doing – new tour […]
Teton Guitars Mission Statement Teton Guitar’s Mission Statement (12/1/2015) - The dictionary defines Mission Statement as follows: mis·sion state·ment noun a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. Recently someone asked if there was a Teton Mission Statement that they could read on our website. I began to reply with, “Do we need one? Our mission is to make […]
Teton Guitars Audio Corner Audio Corner – Mixing Mic’d and DI Acoustic Guitar (11/27/2015) - Ever had phase issues when mixing your mic signal and onboard pickup signal when recording your acoustic guitar? Jeremy shows you an easy way to fix it in this episode of Teton TV.
STS150ENT Teton Guitars Demo Teton Guitars STS150ENT Acoustic Guitar Demo (11/27/2015) - The classic dreadnought shape of the STS150ENT is  a favorite of many guitarists. With a solid Spruce top, Rosewood back and sides and the Fishman ISYS+ electronics this is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Just ask Teton Artist Lorin Walker Madsen, who loves this guitar!
Teton Guitars Sneak Peaks Teton Sneak Peaks (11/24/2015) - I am sitting here at Teton Basecamp checking out the new models that we will be introducing at the 2016 NAMM show in January and available to dealers after that. We have an awesome line up. I would like to introduce you to everything but I really don’t want to ruin the surprise this early […]
Teton Range Guitars Teton Range Guitars Demo – Home on the Range (11/20/2015) - Join us on our Home on the Range, the Teton mountain range that is! This range size guitar packs a punch that just might surprise you. With a rounded back and open pore finish they resonate more than expected. Mark is playing the STR155NT with a cedar top, rosewood back and sides and Jeremy is […]
Carey Judd Daydream Preacher performs for Teton TV Cary Judd – Daydream Preacher (11/20/2015) - Cary Judd, of The Vacationist, stopped by Teton TV for a quick performance session. Daydream Preacher is a brand new song, which will be released on an upcoming EP. Cary is playing his favorite model, the STS205NT with a solid cedar top and solid mahogany back and sides.
Hope Leigh 2015 Teton Artist Artist Spotlight – Hope Leigh (11/17/2015) - During the NAMM show of January 2015, Hope Leigh wandered into our booth. She was at the show looking for a new ukulele. After trying our all solid electric series, she’d found the sound she was looking for! It’s been awesome to work with Hope and be the sound behind her amazing songs. We can’t […]
Spruce Vs Cedar Teton Guitars Spruce vs. Cedar Teton Acoustic Guitar Demo (11/13/2015) - In our first episode of Teton TV we compare our Jumbo models, one with a cedar top (STJ155NT) and one with a spruce top (STJ150ENT). Take a listen and discover which sound you like best.  
How to Restring a Guitar How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar (11/13/2015) - Our friend Tim stopped by Teton TV to show us how he restrings an acoustic guitar in 5 easy steps. Stay tuned (pun intended) for more how to’s, tips, tricks and tutorials on how to get the most out of your Teton instrument.
Teton Guitars YouTube Channel: Teton TV! Teton TV (11/10/2015) - I’ve found this a hard topic to write about as I just can’t seem to truly convey my excitement without sounding ridiculously cheesy and getting a little emotional. So, here goes everything! I’ve been talking nonstop to my family and friends about the Teton Basecamp Studio for months now. When they quit listening I just […]
Welcome To Teton TV Welcome To Teton TV (11/9/2015) - We welcome you to take a walk with us through Teton country and discover your sound.
Learning the Ukulele with Teton Learning Ukulele (11/3/2015) - Why should you start a new guitar player on a ukulele? The answer is G, C, A, E. Yes, having four strings on a ukulele can lead to a faster learning progression because the beginning player has less to worry about. Another major positive about starting on a ukulele is the C chord. A new […]
China at its best in 2016 with Teton Guitars China At Its Best (10/27/2015) - I spent some time in China earlier this month–what a great trip! The highlight of the trip was stopping by our factory and seeing some of the work on current and new Teton guitar models. First, I spent some time in Shanghai attending the Music China show (similar to the NAMM show in the US) […]
Teton's Parlor Guitars Teton Parlor Guitars – Part 2 (10/20/2015) - Part 2 – Parlor Guitars We originally talked about our new Teton Parlor guitars here, but didn’t go into much detail or have photos for you all to ogle over. You’ll find all specifics and more photos, here, on the Teton Website. The Parlors are so much fun to play on and we can’t wait […]
2015 Q&A with Grayson Wood 2015 Q&A with Grayson Wood (10/13/2015) - Q & A with Grayson Wood; Teton Artist extraordinaire. How long have you been playing guitar? I have been playing guitar for over 45 years. My dad showed me 3 chords when I was 8 and I was hooked. Practiced as much as I could and taught myself most of what I know. How long […]
The Teton TV Studio Teton Studio: Before, During and After (10/6/2015) - In June, during an impromptu brainstorming session, our Teton basecamp crew started talking about how great it would be to have a video studio where we could make our own demos. There’s a room in the basement of our building that was currently being used to shoot product photos, but it was in need of […]
Gary Bennett and Teton Guitars Gary Bennett – the man, myth, and legend (9/29/2015) - Gary Bennett has been in the music industry longer than I’ve been alive. He’s somewhat like the grandfather of traveling road reps or, at least, that’s how I see him. He works with shops that are going on 2nd and 3rd generations of family ownership and has been since they opened. GB travels multiple times […]
Quality Control at Teton Guitars Teton Guitar Techs Are The Best! (9/22/2015) - Did you know each Teton instrument that leaves our humidity controlled warehouse is given a 10 point Quality Control inspection? Our guitar techs have years of experience and are guitar players themselves. They not only inspect each guitar carefully, they really care about how they look and sound. The people on our sales team frequently […]
Where on Tour is Lorin Walker Madsen? Where on Tour is LWM? (9/15/2015) - If you like Teton on Facebook, you’ll know we’ve been following Lorin Walker Madsen on his Forever West tour which just ended in Ogden, UT. I had the pleasure of seeing this last show. I have to admit, I was a little worried the show would be a bit rushed. I’ve been to shows at […]
Flame Maple Acoustic Teton Guitars Major Flamage (9/8/2015) - Here at Teton Guitars we are constantly inspired by nature. The patterns, structures and resonance of wood are kind of an obsession over here, as you can imagine. What makes us most happy is when we discover something that looks really beautiful and sounds amazing as well. It must be some sort of magic that […]
All About Us (9/1/2015) - A few weeks ago our blog post was all about you. This week, it’s all about US. We’re not trying to be boastful, but there are a few things about Teton we’re pretty dang proud of. It’s already been discussed that our guitars are built by a wonderful factory in China. But, did you know […]
I'm the Blog I’m The Blog (8/25/2015) - Hey everyone I just re-purposed the Dora the Explorer “I’m the map” song for the Teton blog. If there’s some stuff you want to know Then I’m the place you go I’m the blog If there’s a guitar you need to get Then I’m the thing you click I’m the blog   I’m the blog […]
Teton Acoustic Parlor Guitars Parlor Guitars (8/18/2015) - We are very excited to announce the new Parlor series. Not only is the Parlor body shape new to the Teton lineup, we have also tried some new woods just to totally mix things up. The Teton Parlors are small body guitars with a huge sound. Part of what adds to the great tone of […]
Truman Brothers Teton Artists Artist Spotlight – Truman Brothers (8/11/2015) - For nearly as long as Teton Guitars has been around there has been a Truman Brother playing one. The Truman Brothers are what make Teton Guitars a success story. A couple of hard working guys from Nashville picked up a Teton Guitar in an independent music store and loved it. After hearing them open for Diamond […]
Teton Guitars are all about YOU All about YOU! (8/4/2015) - Here at Teton, we’re all about you, the customer. We’ve built our guitars with the every day player in mind. We’ve added additional models based on feedback from dealers and customers. We’ve created this blog, website, a newsletter and social media avenues to keep you informed. We’ve developed a strong relationship with our factory to ensure […]
Teton Guitars and Planet Pluto: Underdogs The Planetary Underdog (7/28/2015) - The NASA New Horizons traveled 3 billion miles for nearly 10 years and the result has been surprising and stunning pictures of a former planet. First of all, Pluto is much larger than originally believed. In fact, Pluto was demoted from a “planet” in 2006 because it did not meet one of the three new […]
Friends with the Factory (7/21/2015) - We had spent a few years looking for a great factory to work with to produce acoustic and classical guitars. Our parent company had been working with an electric guitar factory in China and they were producing fantastic guitars, but they were not set up to produce acoustic guitars. After spending a couple of years […]
Tone woods Make The Guitar Tone Woods Make The Guitar (7/14/2015) - In grade school, I made a “guitar” out of a ruler, some rubber bands, a pencil and a shoe box. It didn’t sound so great or look that pretty either. Today’s question is: what really makes a guitar look and sound great? You’ll need wood, steel, glue, sandpaper, varnish, tools and at least moderate skill […]
How to determine tone woods in Teton Guitars' model numbers What’s in a Name? By any other Name… Part 2 (7/7/2015) - Welcome back to our second installment on explaining the names of our Teton Guitars. The second number will tell you what wood is used on the back and sides of the instrument. If the first number starts with 1 then you know that the back and sides are laminate. A 2 or 3 tells you […]
Teton Guitars Naming Convention What’s in a Name? That which we call a Teton… Part 1 (6/30/2015) - As promised, here is a quick post to help you understand our Teton model numbers. Let’s start with the acoustic guitars. A Teton model number looks something like this, STS155CENT. This model number will tell you at least 7 specific items about this guitar. Let us break it down for you. ST-S-1-5-5-C-E-NT ST- Unfortunately, no […]
Setting the Record Straight where Teton Guitars are made Setting the Record Straight (6/23/2015) - We have read in a number of places the question: Are Teton Guitars built in Idaho? One gentleman on a forum told everyone that we claim the guitars are built in the US. This claim is false. We currently work with 3 factories in China to produce our instruments. We have an extremely close relationship with these […]
Humidify your guitar! Humidifying your Teton Guitar (6/16/2015) - Do you reside in a dry desert area or are you in the Pacific Northwest where it’s damp all the time? Did you know that your instruments and the wood they’re constructed of are very susceptible to these varying degrees, much like our skin and hair? I’m one of those people who’s constantly applying lotion […]
Welcome to Teton Guitars Blog Welcome to the new Teton Guitars blog (6/5/2015) - The updated site has been up for a couple weeks and now we have finally added a blog, so yeah for us! We hope you are here because you love music and you love making music on your Teton instrument. Our goal with the new blog is to keep you up-to-date on the latest Teton […]