TrumanBrothersSideImageFor nearly as long as Teton Guitars has been around there has been a Truman Brother playing one. The Truman Brothers are what make Teton Guitars a success story. A couple of hard working guys from Nashville picked up a Teton Guitar in an independent music store and loved it. After hearing them open for Diamond Rio, we thought they would be a great fit, so we approached them and they agreed to give us a shot! Just like all of us here at Teton Guitars, the Truman Brothers are hardworking musicians pouring their heart and soul into what they do. Not only are they touring as brothers, they also are part of the Nashville Tribute Band. We are very grateful to have a wonderful relationship with some energetic guys who are amazing artists. Stop by the Truman Brothers website ( and Facebook  pages to see tour dates. They are touring with both bands during the remainder of the summer and you do not want to miss out on a great act. You can learn more about them right here on Teton Guitars.trumanbrothers

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