FriendsOfTetonSideImageThere’s a whole list of songs out there about friendship and we can see why–it’s a great topic! We all need a good friend, right? Sitting down to play your favorite instrument can feel like visiting with an old friend. Your soul takes comfort in making music and it can feel as good as those late night phone calls to a childhood friend. This experience is amplified when we share our talent with others or perform in a group. Music is unifying; it’s healing and inspiring. Our Friends of Teton page on was made to celebrate you, our Friends and your Teton instruments.

Teton is in its 5th year of production and is really taking off. In fact, lately, we’ve been able to connect with some very talented musicians through this page and by searching the hashtag #friendofteton on social media. They say you can never have too many friends and we think that’s true, especially when we all share the same interests, like making good music. We want every musician out there to have a friend like Teton. So, tell your friends and submit your photos and videos over at for all of our other friends to see.

Enjoy our “friendly” playlist and try some out on your Teton.

Queen, “you’re my best friend”

The Beatles, “with a little help from my friends”

Randy Newman, “you’ve got a friend in me”

Weezer, “my best friend”

Andrew Gold, “thank you for being a friend”

James Taylor, “you’ve got a friend”

The White Stripes, “we’re going to be friends”

Dionne Warwick, “that’s what friends are for”

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