AllAboutUsSidebarA few weeks ago our blog post was all about you. This week, it’s all about US. We’re not trying to be boastful, but there are a few things about Teton we’re pretty dang proud of. It’s already been discussed that our guitars are built by a wonderful factory in China. But, did you know that our company headquarters (what we refer to as base camp) is located in Idaho?

Here are some more fun facts about Teton:

  • Our parent company, Chesbro Music Co. has been in business for over 100 years. We’re located in Idaho Falls, ID.
  • Chesbro Music Co. got its start by delivering pianos in the early 1900s.
  • We are a family owned business, currently operated by the 4th and 5th
  • We have about 45 employees that handle all the day to day functions, including sales, marketing, filling and shipping of orders, as well as a full service retail shop for our town of 52,000.
  • We are located close to the Teton mountain range which our guitars are named after.
  • All Teton guitars are put through a quality control process by our wonderful techs before heading out to authorized dealers.
  • There is a combined 200+ years of experience within our base camp walls and it’s put to use each time we develop a new instrument.
  • Home base is a 4 story building located in the heart of a close knit downtown community. We’re within walking distance of the greenbelt, a walking path that surrounds a section of the Snake River. This is also where the falls our town is named after are located.

Our owners and employees have invested a lot of themselves into the building and success of Teton and many of us have been on board from the very beginning of the line. As always, we are acutely aware of the support given by independent music dealers and musicians. We truly could not do this without each of you.

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