2016 brought many accomplishments for the Teton basecamp crew. Here are just a few of our favorite moments.

  • Adding more Teton Artists to our Roster. Mike Christiansen, Craig Green, Brady Parks and Cherish DeGraaf all joined us. They’re each so talented and are out spreading their love of Teton, while we spread our love of them.
  • Building our Teton TV YouTube channel. Our weekly episodes have continued in 2016 and we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We’ve been lucky to have almost all of our Teton Artists visit, along with other friends of Teton along the way. We filmed and conducted a very successful Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in October, raising $1700 for a local charity group. We also introduced a new character, Markio! Don’t worry, he’ll be back in 2017 for more fun.
  • Celebrating our 5th year with a limited edition (only 48 made) anniversary model guitar. They shipped to dealers late fall, so find one quick!
  • Just last week, our team sold the 20,000th Teton instrument since the beginning of the line! This lofty goal was set earlier in the year and we exceeded it. We could not be more thrilled with the success and support our brand has received.

2017 is right around the corner and we’ve got a lot of exciting things coming your way. The 2017 Winter NAMM Show will be January 19th through January 22nd in Anaheim, CA. Join us there for new model announcements and to meet some of the crew and our Teton Artist Team.

Thanks for being here with us!! Music is so important and our mission to get affordable, amazing sounding instruments into the hands of every musician out there continues.

Until next time,

— Jenn


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