110125SideImageThe 110 and 125 Series Guitars

Hi everyone! We have two great series to showcase this month. First, we have the 110 series with a solid spruce top and laminated ovangkol back and sides. Next is the 125 series with a solid cedar top and laminated walnut back and sides. Here’s a rundown of these wonderful guitars:

110 Series

STC110NT – Classical

STS110CENT – Dreadnought with a cutaway and Fishman electronics

125 Series

STC125NT – Classical

Let’s kick things off with the 110 series. Ovangkol is the African relative of rosewood and has some similar sound characteristics. The overall sound is incredible! The bass is strong but not overwhelming. The area where this guitar shines is in the mid range. There is such a full sound in this area that you’ll swear there’s an orchestra inside the soundhole. This series is available as either a dreadnought with cutaway and electronics or a classical. If you’re a classical guitar player and looking to add a little extra flair to your sound, then this series is the way to go.

Lastly, we have the 125 series. The only model available in this series is a classical guitar sporting a solid cedar top and laminate walnut back and sides. Walnut produces a deep, warm sound highlighted with a bright high end. This classical responds almost effortlessly to your playing. It produces a smooth, relaxing sound that will please players at any level or style.

Be sure to check out our dealer finder to find the closest dealer near you and give these beauties a try today. If you can’t make it into a dealer, we’ve got a great demo video on Teton TV.

Until next time, stay awesome and keep playing!


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