5thSideImageI have only been to two continents: the North American and Asian Continents. Of course, I have spent my whole life in North America. The Asian Continent has been visited for business purposes. I have played hundreds, maybe thousands, of guitars on the North American Continent. But there is only one guitar that I have played on both the North American and Asian Continents. That single guitar is the prototype of the Teton STS203NT, our limited edition 5th Anniversary model. When I was spending time at the factory last October (2015), I was able to play the finished prototype. Three months later, this same prototype was sent to us to be displayed at the 2016 Winter NAMM show. I have spent the past few months doing demos and trainings and playing the guitar for those events. I love this guitar! Not only does it sound amazing (it’s Teton’s first all solid African Mahogany), it has a very special place in my heart. It is the only guitar I have played on the opposite ends of the same ocean. I think that is pretty cool. One day, once the whole 5th year anniversary hoopla has passed, I plan on owning that guitar and, when I pass it along to one of my kids, I will tell them it was the first (and maybe only) guitar I ever played on two continents.


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